Graduate Degree in Judeo-Christian Studies at ORU given by Dr. Brad Young.
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Dear Friends,

Yesterday (October 2006) at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK, an announcement was made that still gives brings tears to my eyes. It was announced that Oral Roberts University will open its doors to a Graduate Degree in Judeo-Christian Studies directed by Dr. Brad Young.

This amazing announcement, will start the preparation of men and women in the direction of becoming scholars in this field. Imagine the halls of Oral Roberts University abounding with scholars in training to become proficient in Hebrew and Greek. To study the rabbis! To understand Jesus Our Lord and Savior within the context of First Century Judaism! Dr Young has faithfully worked to bring this about over 20 years of faithful prayer and devotion. This degree will be offered starting in the Fall of 2007.

Will you pray and come into agreement that the financial support and resources come forth. That Dr Young be given wisdom and direction as this discipleship process goes forth to create in the heart of the nations of the world. That as the Time of the Gentile's is fulfilled, that servants of The Most High God come forth in Unity to study and serve in His Kingdom. That the spirit of Unity be emblazed upon the hearts of these students in such a way that they are a beacon to others. That they become transparent in their walk, and show forth His Love to all!  Its TIME!!!! Its TIME!!!! Come forth from the ends of the world! Come forth! Come to prepare the way!

Also, God's Learning Channel out of Midland/Odessa, TX now hosts Dr Brad Young, Dr William McDonald, and Dr Richard Booker as some of their teachers. 
Dr Young appears on the station on Monday at 11:30 am (CST), Tuesday at 6 pm (CST), Wednesday at 8 am (CST), and Friday at 9 am (CST). Dr. Richard Booker appears Monday-Friday 12:30 am (CST), Monday at 7:30 am (CST), Thursday at 7:30 am (CST), Wednesday at 9 am (CST), Sunday at 1 pm (CST), Tuesday at 7:30 pm (CST). Dr. William McDonald of ORU Grad Theology also appears on the same channel. His program times are Tuesday at 11:30 am (CST), 11 am Wednesday (CST), 8:30 am Thursday, 8 am and 4:00 pm on Friday, and 5 pm on Saturday. 

Another teacher, Robert Allon, from Austin has recently been asked to also teach on this channel and his show is in the works. Keep your eyes open for him if you are interested in Hebrew and translation. His website is He has teachings posted there.
Please lift them up in prayer.

Shalom in Messiah Yeshua HaMashiach!

Cheryle Holeman
HaY'Did Learning Center