Which Bible do you recommend?

Thanks for asking, I, too, cannot read Hebrew. I fumble with the alphabet basically. But you CAN fumble and still use the study aids that help you get to the meaning of words, like Gesenius Hebrew Chaldee Lexicon (Christian Book Distributors [CBD] http://www.christianbook.com $20), and the Interlinear New Testament Bible (Hendrickson's Publishers $20 [no website that I can find]) also available from CBD. I use both of those resources to help me in my study of the Old Testament.

Dr. Doug Wheeler http://www.haydid.org/wings.htm has a wonderful 15 hour program that will have you in Hebrew using KJV, Strongs' and Gesenius. He has a book that teaches this method and also a teaching video that will help you learn to write the new alphabet, and then shows you how to use the Gesenius. Really easy and then you can use a Interlinear Bible to double check your numbers if you like. Have you ever seen an Interlinear? It has the KJV Bible translation along the side of the page. Then on the other side, they have the text layered. First you will see the English word, then above it you will see the Greek word, and then on top of that will be the Strong's number. What you need to work in the Gesenius is the Strong's number, and you might want to write down the Hebrew lettered word, too, to double check yourself when you are working in the Gesenius. Anyway, The Interlinear by Green is available with just the New Testament. The Old and New Testament under one cover may be out of print right now. I have both under one cover from 1986. Hendrickson's was the publisher but I can't find it listed anywhere now.

I have the standard KJV, NKJV, Parallel KJV with NKJV on the same page. Now, if you are wanting a more Hebrew flavored text than KJV, then you have several choices, Spiros Zodhiates NAS Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible ($45 approximately) is the Bible that I use the most. I like it because it has a Strongs in the back of the bible, and then each verse has key words underlined with the Strong's number right above it. I don't use Strong's Dictionary much, as the Gesenius is SOOO much better. Tom uses the NAS Complete Study Bible. It really has some excellent information in it that he has used for years in his studies.  

May I also recommend the Pentetuch Haftorah? This is just Genesis-Deuteronomy, and it is the weekly Torah readings laid out for you with the appropriate Prophet reading right along with it, and verse by verse commentary. I import these books. They are excellent. It does use the KJV of the Bible. But there's enough meat in it to keep you "chowed down" for the full year.  Very Orthodox study aid.

Then there is the Complete Jewish Bible by Dr. David Stern. This reads as a very Jewish document. David Stern is a messianic Jew and has redone the entire Bible adding the Jewish names of people, places and things. God's name is written as El Shaddai, or whichever name HE is called. Instead of Holy Spirit it will be Ruach HaKodesh, and Jesus is Yeshua. Really my other favorite Bible. You can get it from Christian Book Distributors site http://www.christianbook.com for $27.95 and it ships immediately. They also have Jewish New Testament Commentary (David Stern / Lederer Messianic Min. / 1992 $27.65) which gives you verse by verse messianic commentary on the New Testament, and is excellent. I don't agree with all the commentary but it is the one out there that I use most often. He wrote it in 1992 and some things have changed since then, but still excellent.  

So now that I have your FULL attention, how deep are your pockets? I have all of these books and enjoy them all greatly. You can start your purchases wherever you like. I do have the Pentetuch Haftorah on hand right now. One copy. It goes fast when I get them in. But you may not be ready to dig into some very Jewish writings. You may just want a good new Bible, and then you have to decide which way to go. I do recommend NAS version. Its said to be the closest to the Jewish translation but not entirely. Just what they say.  

I'm pulling for Dr. Brad Young's Hebrew Heritage Bible, myself. Its in the midst of being translated. He is working on Luke first, and we ask that you lift him up in prayer. He is the scholar that wrote Jesus the Jewish Theologian, Paul the Jewish Theologian, and Parables. He has studied extensively in Jerusalem to earn his masters and doctorate and has a command of the ancient languages as only about 4 other men in the world do. He understands their customs and manners, history and geography, too. In other words, when it is published it will be an eye opener, just as his other books were when they came out.   You might want to visit a Christian bookstore to see some of these Bibles, but they probably won't have the Complete Jewish Bible or the Jewish New Testament Commentary. Your choice, but do let me know what you decide.  

Some people use the Jerusalem Bible, JPS Tanack Bible and others recommend Exegeses Parallel Bible . I have not handled these Bibles.

Shalom, Cheryle