Up Close and Personal!

Our Advisors:

Senior Director:
Tom Holeman of Independence, KS
Media Director:
Cheryle Holeman of Independence, KS


Missions Representative:
Randy Felton
Potter's Clay Ministries of Oklahoma City, OK

Special Advisor:
Dwight Pryor of The Center of Judaic-Christian Studies
of Dayton, Ohio

Other Members of the Advisory Council:

Mr.and Mrs. David Pryor of Fayetteville, Tennessee

Mary Fritzemeier of Independence, KS
Our "Mary of the Dance"

Pictured with Cheryle is Peggy Jones of Branson, MO

Lois Lessman of Independence,KS

HaY'Did (The Friend) Ministries
PO Box 804
Independence, KS 67301

Mission Statement: To train, educate and equip for study both the Jew and the non-Jew
in the rich Biblical/Hebraic Heritage.

Like more information about something you have seen? Then drop us an email at: shalom@haydid.org For Internet Information please contact us at our site:
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Tolerance Statement and Statement of Faith