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Hanukkah: The Light is Messiah

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Introduction: Personal Testimony by Cheryle Holeman

As an active Christian Believer who was always searching and examining the things of the Scripture, one day I came across John 10:22. Why was Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) in the Temple on this Festival of Rededication? What was this Festival to Him? I'd noticed it many times, read past it and now had come back. I knew that God had used the Israelites as an example to the world. His festivals were meant to reveal His Salvation and His Messiah. I read Romans 10:4 and knew after examining it in the Jewish New Testament that it actually read.

For the goal at which the Torah aims is the Messiah, who offers righteousness to everyone who trusts. Romans 10:4 Jewish New Testament by David Stern

I knew the Festivals revealed the Messiah in ways that I had never imagined before! They were actually "moedims", "appointments", or "dates" with the Messiah for events that were to come. All of them spoke of His death, burial and resurrection in some way. The study of them had shown me so many things, but why was Yeshua ( Jesus) in the Temple for this festival? Wasn't this a mistake?

In my studies of the Biblical Festivals I had learned that there were two types of Festivals, the ones of Lev. 23, and the ones that the rabbis had established. In today's American society of "Let's have a party for any reason," I had been turned off by the commercial Christmas. I really felt that the birth of Jesus (Yeshua) had gotten lost in the light of the orgy of gift. And then I realized that no one believed that He was born on December 25, but actually was born some time in September or October. I wanted to celebrate! I wanted to examine what "picture of Yeshua" was presented. But where did I go? Did I give up Christmas or did I try to find out why? Was the passage in John a mistake in the Bible? What was Hannukah to Jesus/Yeshua? What was He trying to tell me?

I found this very good idea in a book recently that may shed more light on this idea of God’s Biblical Holidays: "The holidays are islands where people can stop to reflect on the meaning of their days, to consider the distance between who they are and who they wish to be, the distance between today and the day when the world will be what we want it to be ." Living a Jewish Life: Jewish Traditions, Customs and Values for Today's Families by Anita Diamant and Howard Cooper.

We've tried to write this book to show you that your life can be changed by simply studying the festivals. We realized that just as we didn't understand what "all the fuss was about" others might be seeking, too. Was it a mistake? No! It was perhaps the most subtle observation of a future "date" that is in all the Scriptures! It is an appointment in time that we all as Believers and members of the Bride will cry and rejoice at some day!

We have included teaching on this appointment and also ideas that are simple and easy to follow. We encourage you to study for yourself these festivals and to understand that Satan HaSatan has hidden many things from us over the last two thousand years. We must "study to show ourselves approved". The study of the festivals of God in Lev. 23 changed my life! I found out that as part of the Bride, that Yeshua had established these "dates" to meet with me and to rehearse His First Coming and His Second Coming.

Before I was married, I wanted to learn to cook my then-boyfriend's favorite things, keep house the way that he would want me to do, and not to be late for our special times! These "appointments" were rehearsals of things to come, and Hanukkah is the summation of all the appointments that He ever established! Years ago my husband and I wondered just what our 25th anniversary would be like. We laughed and talked about what our lives would be like. Many times as I grew older and that day approached, I kept thinking, "I'll never make it!" But now that as the date approaches next month, I look back with tears of joy, because it is SO MUCH BETTER THAN I COULD EVER HAVE IMAGINED! Our love is stronger! Our children are successful! And our grandchildren are the greatest blessing of all! How much more could any one ever want? So, too, is it with our appointments with our Bridegroom Yeshua. So, it is with Hanukkah!

We have asked several of my friends to also share a teaching on Hanukkah with you, the reader. We have created a teaching appendix in the back of this book for these. We wish to thank Dr. Doug Wheeler, Pam Staley, Robin Scarlata, Dr. John Garr, Rev. Randy Felton and Eddie Chumney for contributing these teachings to this book. Without their teachings the book would not be as well rounded for the student, and we know you will enjoy sharing them with your family and friends.

It is not our desire to draw anyone into becoming "wanna be Jews" but to present information that will allow the believer in Messiah Yeshua to be that "light" to both their Jewish friends and Christians. We encourage everyone to remain in their churches! If everyone leaves their churches, where will the light go? So many times we have heard, "I want what you have, Cheryle or Lois!" Which is the highest form of complement! What the person is saying, is, "I want the Jesus in you to shine in me! Show me how!" This book is an attempt to help each and everyone of you to "let your light shine before men" that HE "may draw all men unto HIM!" It is our prayer that you enjoy this holiday and that you will become comfortable with it enough to share HIM through the holiday season.

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