Hanukkah Articles of Interest

Homeschool Ideas
Link to http://www.biblicalholidays.com

Hanukkah Music by Marty Goetz 
Festivals of Light-Special Holiday Offer

(Book) Hanukkah: The Light is Messiah
(This links to the index page of the book. 98 pages! Entire book is on the net!
Full of good teachings, recipes, crafts, candle lighting instructions, prayers, questions and answers to your questions, and more!)

Article: Yochanan/John 10:22

Frequently Asked Questions (About Hanukkah)

History of Christmas from the Catholic Encyclopedia

Orthodox Chabad Webpage full of articles, games, etc..

Origins of Christmas by a Lutheran Professor from Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary in Minneapolis, MN.

History Channel Information on Christmas

Twas the Night Before Hanukkah (Humor sent from someone over the internet)

Santa Claus? How and When Did Christmas Come From? 


Try these Jewish sources. The Temple Store has a model of the Tabernacle under the Judaica, and lots of wonderful posters (Price includes the shipping)
http://www.jewishsource.com (This is the Source for Everything Jewish where I got my candles)