This was produced in the October 1998 Issue 10 of The Tree of Life Magazine. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our members and appreciate your understanding through this ordeal of the lost mailing. IF you feel that you would like a printed copy AND are a currently paid member of HaY'Did Learning Center, we will gladly supply this issue of the magazine to our paid membership. IN MESSIAH, Cheryle Holeman

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Ads and Other Information of Importance

Holiday Parable by Robin Scarlata

Women Restored! Conference Information
(Registration Deadline December 31, 1998)

History of Biblical Education: Solid Foundation
Education in Bible Times
by Robin Scarlata

Introduction to the Study of Jewish Roots by Jessie Hill

Dedication Produces Light: A Hanukkah Lesson by Dr. John D. Garr, Ph. D.

Why do the Sabbath? by Cheryle Holeman

Hanukkah: The Absolute Minimum by Cheryle Holeman

Conference and Seminar Listings

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