Our Father Abraham

This excellent book  was written by Dr. Marvin Wilson. It is a primer for those that want to know more about the Jewish roots of the Christian Faith. We've presented the Table of Contents of the book towards the bottom of this page so you can see the topics that are discussed. If you decide that you would like to order the book, then please return here to order it from Amazon.com. We've also produced the ONLY authorized workbook to accompany Our Father Abraham, the book, so you can also order it on this page, too. We've posted five sample pages from the workbook for you to view. If you decide that you would like to order it, the ordering link is provided through PayPal. We'll send it to you in a pdf file so no matter where you are in the world, you can print off a copy of the workbook and be ready to go when the book arrives!
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This guide is endorsed by Dr. Marvin Wilson, an associate of our ministry and author of this best seller. Here's his picture. he teaches at Gordon College in Massachusetts and speaks all over the world.

The Workbook is designed for teachers to use in their classrooms that study the history of the Church, and by individuals and families that homeschool. The format of the new workbook contains True & False, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Multiple Choice and some simple essay questions. Easy to use format!
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Chapter topics discussed in the book and workbook include:
Table of Contents

Unit One
I. The Root and the Branches
II. Gentiles, Jews, and Jewish History

Unit Two
III. The Earliest Church and Judaism
IV. Theological Conflict and Persecution
V. "Heretics" and the Synagogue
VI. The Jewish Revolts and the Parting of the Way
VII. A History of Contempt: Anti-Semitism and the Church

Unit Three
VIII. The Old Testament: Hebraic Foundation of the Church
IX. The Contour of Hebrew Thought
X. Where the Church Went Wrong

Unit Four
XI. Marriage and Family through Hebrew Eyes
XII. Passover and Last Supper
XIII. Jews, Christians, and the Land
XIV. A Life of Learning: The Heart of Jewish Heritage

Unit Five

XV. If Not Now ... When?