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Mission Statement: To train, educate and equip for study both the Jew and the non-Jew in the rich Biblical/Hebraic Heritage.

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Passover Articles and Information

The Hardening of Pharoah's Heart from the Jewish book Pentateuch & Haftorahs by Dr. J. H. Hertz editor.

Messianic/Christian Haggadah Information 1-405-528-7205 
Randy Felton has written a fine one that you will enjoy!

Funny Songs for Passover

Anti-Panic Passover Guide (Revised February 1998) Passsover is fast approaching and you may want to check out this excerpt from a book that has been tried and tested by families, churches, and communites all over the country. Schedules, committee assignments, menus, shopping lists, recipes, time line, and other things included. Print it off FREE or order a spiral bound copy for only $5 plus $4 shipping from our office.

Please allow me to introduce you to Jesus…. by Dr. Howard Morgan
The Resurrection of Jesus: Hoax or History by Dr. Howard Morgan
Living Lessons from the Passover Story by Dr. Howard Morgan

"A History of Israel: From the Bronze Age Through the Jewish Wars"
by Walter C. Kaiser, JR.
Chapter Seven Excerpt
"The Exodus From Egypt:"
You will want to buy this book, so I included where to purchase the book.

Video series on Jesus and his final week in Jerusalem  within the Feast of Passover
 (Series #4  Focus on the Family series)

The Biggest Mathematical Miracle of All!

This is the actual Orthodox Jewish Passover Service Book If you have never seen a service book (known as a haggadah) or if you would like a free copy to print out for your files, then this is the button to push.

Homeschool Passover Page Direct from Heart of Wisdom Home school website!
100 pages now online!

1998 Pageant addition! Leonardo deVinci's THE LORD'S SUPPER painting is a very popular Maudy Thursday program in many churches today. One of our volunteers took this basic program and added the Hebraic flavor of a mini-seder back into the meal. The whole program with the Coordinator's Guide is available on our website for you to view or print off. There is a mini haggadah, too, that you may distribute to the attendees, too. This was done very successfully within a denominational setting. Over one hundred people attended and were blessed. It was completed within 90 minutes and included a pot blessing meal within that time, and even one group dance was taught. If you would like printed master copies of this, we will be glad to provide them. Contact our office by email at for delivery and pricing. Our thanks to the local volunteer for making this program available to us.

Testimony Time This short article will show you what happened at our first seder.

Easter This is an encyclopedia article that gives the origin of Easter

Unleavened Bread How do you go about making unleavened bread?

Dr. Gary Collett shares about some Passover Questions from our Newsletter.

What did Herod's Temple look like? Slides and resources that you may want to order.

Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (from Jewish Torah Portion)