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A Bible Teacher, living in Cambridgeshire, England, and dedicated to upholding the dynamic truths of God's Word

"Study to show yourself approved unto God" 2 Tim 2:15


Available to give Bible talks to your church or fellowship.

Production of Bible Fact Sheets, providing simple straight answers to many of the questions that people ask today. Controversial subjects are dealt with sensibly.

Conducting Bible Tours around Israel and the British Museum

A member of the Evangelical Alliance (EA). Based with Huntingdonshire Community Church (HCC)

UK representative of Hebraic Heritage Ministries International

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Assisting believers to link up with other ministries and sources of study aids and sound Christian/Messianic publications

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Research Project "REMEZ". Constructing a cross linking Hebrew and Greek vocabulary to aid future generations of Bible students.

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Article: History of Translations of the New Testament:
Westcott & Hort
Article: Acts 15 and The Jerusalem Council
Article: Righteousness of the Law
Article: More on Acts 15

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