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Teaching Articles Index
There are four sets of lesson posted here:

Newest Unit IV: Church History Article
This was sent out as part of HaY'Did Learning Center's UPDATE newsletter July 31, 2000

UNIT I: Year 2000 Articles
These were prepared as Sunday School lessons for the
Young Married Class that I teach at our church.

Missions: A MITZVAH!

Betrothal/Marriage; The Biblical Family Structure; Husbands and Wives

Children; We Bless our Sons;We Bless our Daughters

Blessings & Curses

Sabbath; Table Blessing, or "Benching"

There Was a Man Named Abram, The Covenant

The Prayer Shawl

The Nazareite Vow

The Washing of Water With the Word

Sarah's Tent

Love Thy Neighbor

UNIT II: Articles Published in Restore! Magazine



Was the Church Born in the Temple?

UNIT III: 1997-1999 Articles and Books

The Red Heifer Sacrifice

Prophecy Introduction

May 1998 Word on Prayer from Randy

An Introductory Study for Christians

Jewish Roots of Chrisitanity Book
The Cross and The Prodigal
Let Judah Go Up First
The Disciple's Prayer
Rites and Rituals
Continuing the Search

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