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$2,598 New York, $2,898 Oklahoma City; $2,998 Seattle, WA
Per Person Roundtrip, based on double occupancy
Land Trip OnlyPrice:
(You get to Israel by your own arrangements, and then come to the hotel where we are staying to join us: $1798.00)

October 21 - November 3, 2000
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General Summary for those in a hurry: Full payment is required by August 14, 2000.
We will be staying 11 nights in Israel as follows: 2 nights in Tel Aviv - Crown Plaza, on the beach; 3 nights in Tiberas - Sheraton Moriah on the sea of Galilee; 6 nights in Jerusalem -Olive Tree Hotel which is located not far from the Garden Tomb, which should mean walking distance from the Old City. The trip includes: Hotels, Buffet Breakfast and Dinner daily! + one fish lunch in Galilee/tips and taxes/guides/buses/drivers/roundtrip airfare on El Al Airlines. NO HIDDEN CHARGES!
(A 3 day extension to the Negev as an add-on is available. We shall see Eilat and the Bedouin museum.
We shall post that information soon. 2/26/2000)
Price: $2598.00 per person from New York, round trip, double occupancy. 
$2898.00 from OKC and $2998.00 from Seattle. 

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This is the fine print of the trip, so please read it!

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Tom and Cheryle Holeman
HaY'Did Learning Center
PO Box 804
Independence, KS 67301

Rev. Randy and Betsy Felton
Potter's Clay Ministries
417 NW 42nd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Virtual Tour of ISRAEL!
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Virtual Tour of ISRAEL!
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Take a look at some of the things we'll be doing on our trip!

Come with us to Israel this year! This will be a tour that will be designed with the student of the Bible in mind! We will meet native Israelis, and have local teachers to talk about the latest developments in the study of the Jewish roots of our faith. We will enjoy praise and worship with Deborah Collett, and discuss revelations of the Scripture with her husband, Dr, Gary Collett. We will go with the spirit of exploration to see the Israel of archaeology instead of the usual sites that miss the true places where the most recent of exploration is going on!

Drop us an email to let us know of your interest, please. We'll be in touch!

The Best of Israel Tour
*Schedule is subject to change when necessary

Day Date Overnights Day by Day Brief Itinerary
Day 1: Monday

Oct 23

  Depart USA for Tel Aviv
Day 2: Tuesday Oct. 24 Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Arrive and Overnight in Tel Aviv.
(Land trip people must arrange and pay for their own transportation to our hotel.)
Day 3: Wednesday Oct. 25 Tel Aviv Tel Aviv   Jaffa / Philistine Country / Bet Shemish / Valley of Elah    Lachish / Emmaus / Valley of Aijlon
Day 4: Thursday Oct. 26 Tiberias Tiberias/Caesarea / Mt. Carmel / Megiddo / Tabor / Nazareth - Cana (Drive Through Only) Tiberias.
Day 5: Friday Oct 27 Tiberias Sea of Galilee Capernaum / Mt. of Beatitudes Kursi / Boat Ride/Jordan River.
Day 6: Saturday Oct. 28 Tiberias Tel Dan / Caesarea Philippi / Nimrod's Fortress Golan Heights.
Day 7: Sunday
Attend King of Kings Church for services!
Oct. 29 Jerusalem Jerusalem Half Day Leisure in Tiberias / Jericho / Valley of the Shadow
Day 8: Monday Oct. 30 Jerusalem Model City / Mt. of Olives / Site of the Ascension /Dominus Flevit /Gethsemane/Bethlehem.
Day 9: Tuesday Oct. 31 Jerusalem New City Tour/Yad Vashem / Rabbi's Tunnel / Caiaphas' House/ Old City of David / Pool of Siloam
Day 10: Wednesday Nov. 1 Jerusalem Leisure Day in Jerusalem (Bookstores with Cheryle or Temple Institute will also be available for those wishing to go.)
Day 11: Thursday Nov. 2 Jerusalem Neo Kedouin (Biblical Nature Reserve Gardens) / Ein Karim / Biblical Resource Center / Tomb of Samuel.
Day 12: Friday Nov. 3 Jerusalem Qumran / Massada / Dead Sea / Ein Gedi / Evening Banquet.
Day 13: Saturday Nov. 4   Old City Tour / Garden Tomb / Gordon's Calvary / Transfer
to the Airport for Late Night Flight.
Day 14: Sunday Nov. 5   Depart Tel Aviv. Arrive USA.

Hotels: (First Class Superior)
Please be advised that all hotels are subject to availability and itinerary days and overnights are subject to change. Every security precaution will be made,
and our itenerary will be adjusted accordingly.
Trip Includes: Hotels/Buffet Breakfast and Dinner Daily + One Fish Lunch in Galilee/Expert Guides/Buses/Drivers/Roundtrip Airfare on El Al Airlines and a Farewell Banquet.
Eleven Nights in Hotels- Ten Days Sightseeing-All Entrance Fees-Maps and Scripture Guide.
Tips and Taxes are also included.
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No registration will be processed without a deposit.
Travel Arrangement by: Noseworthy Travel Services
PO Box 6378 * Lakeland, FL. 33807

Your Tour Includes:

*Roundtrip Fare*Beautiful Hotels/Buffet Breakfast and Dinner Daily Plus One Fish Lunch in Galilee*Full Sightseeing*Deluxe Motorcoaches*Expert Guides*Boat Ride on Sea of Galilee*All Entrance Fees*Maps and Scripture Guide*Farewell Banquet*No Hidden Charges *Tips and Taxes are also included.

Enrollment Form
Full Payment Due August 14, 2000
Make Checks Payable & send to:
Noseworthy Travel Services
P. 0. Box 6378
Lakeland, FL 33807

Credit Card Registration: (941) 644-6261 ext. 590
(Visa.  Mastercard or
Discover accepted).

Dear Rev. Randy Felton:
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NHOO #29740 Best of Israel Tour
October 23 - Nov. 5, l997

I will be joining you only for the Land Tour ($1798.00).
I understand that I will make my own travel arrangements to the Hotel in Tel Aviv.

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