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: A Celebration for Christians
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Directions To The Host And/Or Hostess:

This is a plan for the celebration of the Jewish Feast known as Purim. This was given freely so that others might see HIM and know HIM as Messiah. We thank the author for her giving spirit and the LORD gets all the praise and glory. According to the definition of what is able to be copyrighted, "A work must be the product of your own mind." Since this instruction compilation is a result of His guidance, revelation and inspiriation, this work is not eligible for copyright. Please feel free to copy this celebration booklet and share it with HIS children. The song "Abba-My Father," however holds a copyright notice. In order to comply with their copyright, please contact The Copyright Company at 615-244-5588 and get permission to use "Abba-My Father."..."Freely ye have received , freely give." [Matt. 10:8]


There are "parts" to this scripted festival celebration: The "Leader" preferably should be someone who can speak the transliterated blessings in Hebrew. (If such a person is not available, those sections can be skipped because the blessings are repeated by "Everyone" in English.) The Hebrew is added to help the participant move out of his/her western culture into the time and place of the festival.

The Megillah is read by the "Leader" or someone who can read the story with enthusiasm and feeling. The other participants in the melodrama "sigh" (at the mention of Ester's name), "boo" and sound their greggers (at the mention of Haman's name) and "cheer" (at the mention of Mordekhay's name).

Meal Planning:

Seudah, the festival meal, arrives approximately 1 1/2 hours into the evening depending on how much conversation the derash, the teaching, inspires. Among the special Purim foods are beans, peas and other vegetables which are a reminder of the foods Daniel and Ester ate in the king's palace in order to avoid any infringement of G-d's dietary laws. Special to dessert are Hamantashen, the three-comered pastries reminiscent of Haman's hat.

As part of the blessings after the meal, everyone sings "Abba-My Father," a song from the Maranathal Music cassette tape entitled "Abba" (distributed by Word Inc., 5221 N. O'Connor Blvd., Suite 1000, Irving, TX 75039) which can be ordered from your local Christian book store ($10.00 when I called our local store in January, 1995) or perhaps your church has a copy you could borrow for the evening. Set your cassette player so that when the evening comes to "Abba-My Father," all you have to do is punch the play button to have a fully orchestrated accompaniment.


I made wooden spoon and fork puppets representing Haman, Mordekhay and Ester, which three different participants waved when their puppet's name was mentioned during The Reading Of The MegiBah. Everyone also had a noise maker, a gregger, of some sort which is used to drown out the name of Haman. (Beans inside taped-shut, empty juice cans and/or boxes work nicely and are an inexpensive project the children can complete.)

And, of course, you need a money box in which to put "the portion for the poor." In the Temple, there was a room where people who gave money would go, one at a time; and people who needed money would go, one at a time. That way, no one knew who was giving and who was receiving. The box containing the money should be given to the poor to do with whatever they would like. Remember, the less fanfare, the greater the blessing.


Knowing the people I invited would not show up in costume, I made crowns for all the participants: we were all Ester or Mordekhay; obviously, no one would want to be Haman! It's amazing how people slip into a festive atmosphere when they have a hat on their head.

Index To Learning & This Book's Events:
*This index will help you know what is discussed and in what order.

About The Format Of This Presentation

Section One:
The Order For The Day
The Fast Of Ester
Purim Katan
Overview Of The Book Of Ester
Why? And What?
Why Do We Drown Out The Name Of Haman?
Why Is Mordekhay Cheered?
Why Do We Give Gifts On Purim?
Why Is Wine An Important Part Of Purim?
Why Is Ester Included In The Tenach/The Bible?
What Have We Learned?
More Pictures And Food For Thought
The First Adam And The Last Adam
Yisrael And Amalek Are Both 'First'
Jacob Went Into Egypt For 430 Years
The Opposing Agendas
The Persian Empire Was Vast But No Details Are Lost
Ester Is Also A 'Picture' Of 'The Inner Man
Ester Died The "Day' She Committed To Go Before The King
Ahashverosh Is A 'Picture' Of 'The Conscious Life
Notice The King Did Not Change
The Flesh Must Be Crucified
The Book Of Ester Is A 'Picture' Of How To Walk In The Spirit
Salvation Is Of The Jews
Rejoicing Before The Fact Is An Act And Sign Of Faith
The Road From Self To Salvation
Ester's Feast
Mordekhay Is A 'Picture' Of The Future
G-D's Name Is Encrypted
Sevens: Seven Chamberlain; Seven Princes; Seven Maids; Seven Spirits; Seven Feasts; Other Sevens
Scripture Summaries Of The Book Of Ester

Section Two:
Addendum To The Study In The Torah
The Ester Time Line

Section Three:
Mordekhay & The Kings Time Line

Section Four:
Kings Of The Persian Empire Chronology
Scripture References To Persian Kings

Section Five:
Bibliography and Footnotes

Section Six: The Meal and Blessings
Give Gifts To The Poor
Blessings Before The Meal
Birkhot Hanehenim, Blessings Of Enjoyment
Birkat Hamazon, Grace After Meals
The Call To Say Grace Together
Blessing For The Food, Birkat Hazan
Blessing For The Land, Birkat Haaretz
The Blessing For Jerusalem, Birkat Yerushalayim
The Blessing Of Goodness, Birkat Hatov
Abba-My Father (Note copyright information on this page)
Food For Thought
More Food For Thought

The Stage is Set! The Actors are Ready!
(This is the information that you would read on a program bulletin as you sit down to watch a play, okay?)
The Setting
Persian Empire
The Cast Of Characters:

Start the Play!

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