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Where do I start?
What books, magazines, and videos should I have in my library?
So many people ask us this each day. You are not alone!
We've included several things here for you, so read all of this page before you do anything else!

First things first! There are 2 sites that I want you to go to:
1. Restoration Foundation is THE BEST MAGAZINE out there! You need to subscribe..NOW! They have all their past issues of
Restore! Magazine online and I've built a link to the site so you can read those magazines, AND Dr. John Garr's 2 books are also posted online for you to read. Bookmark it as a favorite site. Go there as soon as possible! This is THE cutting edge magazine of Jewish roots teaching!

2. Print off these 2 articles from Bridges for Peace. They are REQUIRED READING so you will understand why studying these things are necessary, and what happened to the church to bring it so far from when it started with the first century church of Acts. These two articles are your first step in understanding these things. Make your copies and distribute at church, bible studies, or wherever needed. This article is in 2 parts and is 16 pages printed out.
"The History of Christian Anti-Semitism" (Sign up for their freebies, too!)

This list is provided as a starting point for your studies. It is not an "end all" list. Many of these books may be found at your public library. Use the encyclopedias, reference materials, magazines, Bible dictionaries, Catholic Encyclopedia, Religious Encyclopedias, Jewish Encyclopedias, and history books. Many of these things are now online, too. I've linked to them on one of our pages. The church does not teach history so you must dig into your library for help. We no-longer have a catalog. We have a few books available for sale and those will be indicated where the book is listed. The links on this page are for We are an Associate of Amazon and receive a sellers fee if you buy your books using the links provided. Please email us if you have any questions at


List of Books and Videos You Will Want:

1a. The Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible (New American Standard version. This has a built in Strong's Concordance, and an excellent explanation of Greek verb tenses.)   
1b. The Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible (New King James version. This has a built in Strong's Concordance, and an excellent explanation of Greek verb tenses.)
2. The Interlinear Bible ( This has recently come back into print.)
3. Pentateuch & Haftorah by Hertz 
4. Strong's Concordance
5. Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon; Coded with Strongs Concordance Numbers
6. Thayer's Greek Lexicon of New Testament: Coded with Strong's Concordance Numbers
7. Yeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church by Moseley
8. Our Father Abraham by Marvin Wilson 
*Note: HaY'Did has recently published a new workbook to accompany this book. $12 + shipping. Includes Teacher's Answer Key. Full of Fill-in-the-Blank, True/False, Multiple Choice activities. Great for the homeschooler or your Sunday School Class! Contact HaY'Did by email
9. Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus by Biven 
10. Alfred Edersheim's books: 
  1. The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah  
  2. The Temple: Its Ministry and Services  
  3. Sketches of Jewish Social Life:  
11. The Works of Josephus (You can find him at the public library, too.) (Classic Jewish historian who lived at the time of the destruction of Temple)  
12. Babylon Mystery Religion by Woodrow
To buy this book use the link below.
Babylon Mystery Religion: Ancient &...
13. Books by Dr. Brad Young
  1. Jesus the Jewish Theologian
  2. Paul: The Jewish Theologian
  3. The Parables: Jewish Tradition and Christian Interpretation
14. The Complete Jewish Bible (Old and New Testament are available under one cover from  
15. The Jewish New Testament Commentary: A Companion Volume to the Jewish New Testament  
16. MacMillan Bible Atlas
To buy this book use the link below.
The MacMillan Bible Atlas
17. History buffs: The Zion Chronicles and The Zion Covenant Series by Bodie Thoene are a must for every serious student. These series take you from 1938-1948 in the eyes of the Jew. These are historical fiction that will teach you not only the history of the Holocaust and the establishment of Israel as a nation, but also show you Nazism, Islam and the beginning of the Messianic movement. Your public library should have the sets, but I will warn you, once you begin book one, you won't be able to put them down! I have read through them about three times in five years.
  1. The Zion Chronicles
  2. The Zion Covenant Series, 1-6 box set
18. Hebrew? Reading Hebrew (workbook) for learning the alphabet in a positive simple way. ($15 HaY'Did) Hebrew courses from HaKesher and Mended Wings are both excellent. These are links to their sights that are underlined.
19. PBS TV Series: HERITAGE Series: Civilization and the Jews by Abba Ebban. (public library) (9 hrs.) (6-3-01) Link here to recent update on this series availablity and other video series that you will enjoy.
20. Assorted goods and music: 1-800-Judaism is about the best selection and very prompt service.
22. All tapes from Center for Judaic/Christian Studies 1-800308-6506
23. The Walk of Purity: A Study of Baptisms by Peggy Pryor (HaY'Did [The Friend] Ministries $6)
24. Old Testament Survey by William LaSor from This textbook is being used at colleges and seminaries today. Excellent sources for lay people as well as pastors.