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We would like to share one of our Lord's lovely creations - Paso Fino Horses - with Independence, KS and the surrounding areas. We have had Appaloosa's for years; our girls grew up in 4-H and we all enjoyed relaxed trail rides in the area. About ten years ago we were introduced to the Paso Fino breed. Aah! What a ride! Through a series of "God incidences" we have become involved in Paso Finos and have been experiencing the wonderful nature and abilities of this breed.

The Paso Fino breed resulted from the crossing of the Andalusian, the Barb, and the Spanish Jennet. They have a ground covering natural gait and speed with smoothness, harmony and rapidity of movement. Paso Finos are unequaled when it comes to the luxurious ride that they produce. These horses are used in many equine disciplines and afford the rider such comfort and versatility. Paso Finos are seen on the trail, pleasure riding, gracing parades, in the show ring, pole bending and barrel racing and I have heard of them being used to work cattle and in team penning. They are horses that are willing, intelligent and lovely to behold.

Shalom Paso Finos would be pleased to share our horses "up close and personal" so that you know more about them. We do request that this be by appointment in order that we may have time available to answer questions and allow you to experience the ride that has changed our perception of comfort and pleasure while riding.

We will continue to have foals on the ground and ready for purchase. Pictures will be posted on the web as they arrive. For those looking for a horse or foal before then we will be glad to help you locate a breeder. We have met some very informative breeders through our search for our mares, and through shows. This breed has many people involved that are willing to help others. We have been impressed with their friendliness and their helpfulness. 

We would love to visit, by e-mail  or by appointment. Being somewhat new to Paso Finos we will try to answer questions, and if we don't know the answer, we have several friends that are very good resources. We also have several links to sites that we think you will find informative.

Our business is part of our walk with the Lord and our vision is to bring glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit.


Numbers 6:25-26

The Lord bless thee and keep thee,
The Lord make his face shine upon thee,
And be gracious to thee.
The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee
and give thee peace.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to e-mail us; we would love to hear from you. We will be glad to show you our horses, and give "get acquainted with Pasos" rides by appointment.


Terry and Margaret Todd
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Siedra and Robert Crouch
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