The Spirit of the Law


Dr. Ron Moseley

Table of Contents

Basic Information About the Book and Endorsements

[What the Scholars are Saying; Acknowledgements; Foreword; Introduction, Copyright Information]

Section One:

The Law Was Only Until John

Jesus Went Beyond The Letter Of The Law

What Christian Leaders Said About The Law

The Nine-fold Purpose Of The Law

Section Two:

The Curse Of The Law

The New Covenant Before Paul

Is There A Different Covenant For Jews As Opposed To Gentiles?

The Word "Law" And What It Really Means

Different Kinds of Law

Section Three:

Did Paul Remain A Jew?

Paul's Conversation With James

There Is Neither Jew Nor Gentile In Christ

Those Under The Law Must Keep All The Law

Section Four:

The Fourth Century Church - A Different Religion

Two Major Changes Since 70 A.D.

The Old Covenant And The New Covenant

The Age of Grace Before Paul

Section Five:

The Holy Spirit, Grace, And Gifts Before Christ

Confession And Forgiveness In The Old Testament

The Three Stages Of Salvation

The Development Of The Idea Of Grace Replacing The Law Of God

The Words Abolish And Fulfill

What Happened To Reverence?

Delivered From The Bondage Of The Law

The New Testament And The Law

Today's Application Of God's Law



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