UPDATE: A Letter to Introduce Ourselves to YOU:

Let me ask you a couple of quick questions, before you read any further, okay? My name is Cheryle Holeman and together with my husband, Tom, we live in rural Kansas. My questions to you are, "Have you read a good Jewish book lately?" and, "Have you talked to a Jew lately?" Now what’s your answer?

Most of you would answer both questions, "No! And why should I?" But your answers should both be, "Yes! Certainly!" Do you know why your answers should be "Yes"? Because the Jewish book that I am referring to is The Bible and the Jew that I am referring to is Jesus.

Now I can hear some of you chuckling at these answers and some of you not. I just wanted to get your attention today, and I wanted to talk to you about learning more about your Bible and a deeper relationship with the Lord.

So what is my purpose in writing to you today? To introduce you to the things that are going on in this move of God! Imagine this "Jewish roots movement," for lack of a better name, is causing people to wake up and realize that there IS more to their Bible! There is an enhancement to a person’s walk with the LORD, which deepens our personal relationship with HIM when you walk beside HIM in these studies. Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to sit at His Feet and ask intelligent questions? Haven’t you ever read through some scriptures and thought, "HMMM…that sounded weird. I wonder what it meant?" We’ve discovered that you can "STEP BACK IN TIME" by adding in a study of the customs, manners, geography, history, and language of the Bible! Remember "Back to the Future" movies? Michael J. Fox stepped back just a few years, and you saw him fumbling to communicate with those people of the past. How much more so do we fumble with the past of our Bible! Wake up! Its time to take those scriptures, and examine them in the LIGHT of HIM and His Time. Put on your "Jesus glasses," or better still use His Hebrew name of Yeshua (there is no "J" in Hebrew), and examine your scriptures for yourself!

So in the accompanying notes, I want to share some teachings and some news about conferences, new books, classes that you can take, and even tours to Israel that are being scheduled for the coming year. I can make you one promise: If you will study these things for one year, your life will be changed forever! Just take a deep breathe, and step back to the time of Jesus with us. What an adventure lays ahead of you! Ready? Set? Let’s go!

For several years our website at has been presenting articles and information that help people understand the Bible from a perspective that most Christians and even Jews, have not explored. Our ministry’s name is HaY’Did (The Friend) Learning Center. Our mission statement is to train, educate and equip for study both the Jew and the non-Jew in the rich Biblical-Hebraic heritage of our faith.

For about 2000 years, Christianity has ignored for the most part, the very roots that Paul wrote about in Romans 11: 18 "..Do not be arrogant toward the branches; but if you are arrogant, remember that it is not you who supports the root, but the root supports you." The "root" that is spoken about that Paul is WARNING us about supporting, are our Jewish roots! And did you notice that Paul is telling us that we probably WILL be arrogant? That’s sad! Paul’s 3 chapters of Romans 9-11 are the three chapters in my Bible that are NOT marked up much, what does yours look like? Take a peek! Look at yours! For years when I’ve sat in my comfortable pew, my pastors have taught all around Romans 9-11 but rarely have they ever taught on those three chapters. Did you realize that Romans 9 begins with a prayer and ends with "Amen?" Go back and examine these three chapters for yourself. And when you read those three chapters, please heed the warnings that Paul gives us.

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Our purpose with this UPDATE is to tell you what is going on within our network of teachers. These teachers also have websites, and we’ve created a web ring of sorts with LOTS of FREE teaching articles, and even entire books FREE for you to print out. People in over 37 countries have written us and told us that they were excited about all the FREE information that they were finding. What we present is information that they have rarely seen available, and some pastors have realized that what we are presenting, is information that they did not get, or ignored, when they were in seminary.

Many of the people overseas especially, appreciate the fact that we give so much information away FREE! In one country in Western Africa, it takes seven of their "dollars" to equal one of ours, and then they have to pay customs on top of that. One pastor in Brazil told me that she had copied off over 700 FREE pages, and filled several three ring binders. Another doctor in a country where Christianity is illegal wrote to tell me that finding our website was an answer to prayer. He couldn’t print off the articles that he found on our website, but he could come there anonymously and read! People have taken our articles and are reading them in Norway over the radio, and other countries. People from different denominations are finding each other and forming study groups, or taking classes from our correspondence colleges. Homeschoolers are enjoying the websites, too. People are signing up to go on tours with our teachers and study in Israel, too.

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