These are some friendly testimonies for you to read. Grab a cup of coffee and get to know us! People teasingly refer to these as "Cheryle's Epistles!" I've included some articles by some dear friends, too, that I thought you might like to read. I am also giving a link to our 30th anniversary photo page. Some people like to see what our family looks like.


Cheryle Holeman

This is a photo of Tom and Cheryle Holeman. Married 30 years with two grown children (plus their spouses) and two wonderful grandchildren. The Lord has richly blessed! Baruch HaShem!

Many years ago the Lord spoke to my heart that HE wanted me to collect personal testimonies that I would later share with people. HE told me that these testimonies would show that HE could use ordinary people in extraordinary ways. HE has been faithful to use these simple stories to minister to people around the world. Email responses are always appreciated around here. Thanks for stopping by! Cheryle & Tom

This is my personal testimony of the call God gave me when I was in Methodist Confirmation Class as a child

Where did we get our ministry's name?

My sister Debbie's Testimony
Posted March 29, 1998 but I asked her to write this in 1991

Tom's Testimony

What Happens When You Pray?
You won't want to miss this one!

This is the testimony that tells you where we started many years ago.

The Baby

Big Shiny Chocolate Eyes
(You get to see a photo of my grandkids at the end of the story)
(Excerpt from Hanukah book about our grandkids)

What does Torah Mean?
An Excerpt from a book for beginners that I wrote by the same name

Anti-Panic Passover Guide (The Book)
(This book is very popular. Print it out to help you with your passover this year. It is used around the world! Menus, table settings, nuts and bolts of planning a passover!)

Passover Testimony (This is our very first experience. You will laugh!)

Sabbath: the Light is Messiah (The Book)

(Excerpt from the Hanukkah book where it originally appeared. This book is also popular. I walk you through the whole sabbath day so you know what it is about, menus, bread baking tips and more!)

Hannukah: The Light is Messiah (The Book)
(Book that we wrote to help beginners understand Hanukkah better. my friends--Lois Lessman worked with me on this book.)

Newsgroup Praise Report from Norway. Except from our June/July 97magazine.This is so exciting! This article will link to Norway on line!

Ruth by Mary Sisse

Gosvenor Wedding Pictures (My nephew's wedding)(This is like a down home talk with my friend Mary! Pull up a chair!)

Blondie's Homepage...(this is xtra special

Chocolate and Recipes
(My own personal page of recipes that I don't want to loose)